GCH Garritani Gabriella Ragazza CD CGC "Gabby"

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CCAA Reproduction CH

 Leonardo Giancarlo Diesel


Diesel was bred by Adibeir in 2005.  To date he has produced 8 AKC Champions including our Gabby.  His offspring are also participating in obedience, protection sports and therapy work.  Nothing means more to a breeder than producing a dog that has positively contributed to the breed. 

*owned by Donna and James Garritani



International/National CH 

Lone Pines Ironhorse Truman



Our first competition obedience dog.  The first ATTS Mini American Shepherd. This boy has taught us so much.

OFA good hips, PRA/PRCD -/-, MDR1 -/-

Bred by Kelli Reichert



BelMonte Adoration"Addie"


Our first Cane Corso.  She is our foundation.  Beautiful structure and outstanding temperament. She lived a long healthy life.  She crossed the rainbow bridge at just shy of 12 years old.  All we do is dedicated to her. Pictured here at 10 years young with grand-daughter Gabby.