Puppies available 
CH Adibier Clear Blue Sky CGC "Maddie"
X Serafina-Americana Wild One "Vaughn"
May 24, 2021


We only raise a litter when there is something in that litter we want. Consequintely EVERY puppy in the litter is raised with the potential to be our next show dog, obedience prospect and companion.  We welcome calls from families searching for a companion.  We have no problem placing puppies in quality pet homes that other breeders would place as show/breeding prospects.  We work hard to raise puppies that grow into dogs we ourselves want to live with.  Our #1 goal is to place these puppies in loving, forever homes.


ALL PUPPIES SOLD AS PETS ARE NOT TO BE BRED.  We will occasionally sell a puppy as a show prospect on a co-own agreement.  We do not sell "breeding rights".


Why are titles important?  I know most people aren't interested in showing.  They just want a good pet.  The Cane Corso is becoming a very popular breed.  Unfortunately that means there are a lot of people cashing in on that popularity.  Dogs from good breeders don't cost much more than poorly bred specimens.  Just remember that you get what you pay for.

     Conformation(show ring) proves that the puppy comes from dogs that conform to the AKC standard.  You purchase a purebred because you want your dog to look a certain way.  Our dogs are very fine examples of the breed.  Conformation also evaluates structure.  A dog needs correct structure to live a long healthy life. Dogs with poor structure are more prone to joint problems and pain earlier in their lives.

     Performance titles prove the dog is of stable temperament and trainable.  The dog is in a very distracting environment and must work with their handler to perform a series of exercises both on and off leash.  It also shows your breeder has the knowledge to help and advice you on effective training techniques for a Cane Corso.  





  • Pups raised underfoot in our home, not in a kennel

  • Early neurological stimulation

  • Volhard Temperament Testing

  • Structure Evaluation  

  • Tail docked

  • Dewclaws removal

  • Ears cropped 

  • Breeder support