My family and I have nothing but good things to say about our Cane Corso Bruno. He joined our family late summer of 2016 at 5 months old. When Bruno moved in he already had a solid foundation of obedience training established and was pretty much house broke. Bruno is everything we wanted for our four legged family member. He is intelligent, patient, loyal and loving. He loves our kids ( ages 11, 5, 3) and lets them climb and cuddle all their hearts content on him. He has been great with our older jack Russell Sherman ( who bosses Bruno around ). Bruno has made friends all over our town while we go on our walks. People might be a little intimidated at first by his size but quickly realize how friendly he is.  This is all thanks to the love and care Betsy has for her dogs and the Cane Corso. She takes pride in making sure her dogs are bred to standard not just for looks but for temperament and personality as well. Betsy's knowledge and dedication to the breed is second to none. She has been there for us when ever we had a question about further training and handling. Betsy also told us that she does Puppy Culture with her dogs, this has shown in Bruno's demeanor he is confidant and calm when faced with new surrounding and situations. After owning a Corso I am hooked, this breed is every thing we could hope for. Thank you Betsy for letting us bring Bruno into our family.
Noah W.

I just have to say something about our puppy Clyde and the experience we have had with him for his first year.  First off this big guy came to our home as a puppy and was already crate trained, potty trained and had several basic training lessons.  I think my biggest amazement was his temperament with people and other dogs.  I worked for a veterinarian for 22 years.  We had a few Cane Corsos come through and most were very aggressive and fearful.  I knew this wasn't the kind of Corso I wanted.  With all Dennis and Betsy's training and working with their puppies I have a puppy that loves everyone, from babies to the elderly.  Not to mention there isn't a dog around that he doesn't love to play with.  I have to say his only fault is he thinks he only weighs 5#.  If I would ever get another it will definitely be from the Shaucks again.  I have never heard of anyone that spends this much time with their puppies before they are placed in their forever homes.  The love and devotion Dennis and Betsy have for their dogs and the concern for future success is very apparent and appreciated by our family.

Connie A.